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[Thursday's FTB] Phil Kessel Goes To The Net

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Even though the Leafs lost in the shootout, 3/4 points against the Rangers isn't bad, and Phil Kessel is awesome.

Charles LeClaire-US PRESSWIRE

Why doesn't Phil Kessel ever go to the net?
...Said dumb people. Cam Charron with his thoughts at TLN.

A long time in the making, Andrew MacWilliam hopes to bring gritty, physical play to Marlies
Well, yeah, I mean the Leafs are in desperate need of that. From Kyle Cicerella.

Backhand Shelf Podcast
No Leafs chatter in this one, but listen to this before sports radio.

Making Highlights Happen
These Steve Dangle posts at TLN are interesting.

Races To Watch Down The Stretch
The latest from Dirty Dangle.

Don Cherry, twitter, raccoons and fame
One of the funniest Twitter rants in a long time. If you don't think this man should be on TV, I question your understanding of the word 'entertainment'.

Just ‘Cause You Feel It Doesn’t Mean It’s There
A good post from Ellen Etchingham at BHS.

Nets ‘n’ Bolts: Fun hockey stuff from around the interwebz
The title sums up this JB post pretty well.

Ryan Whitney: A Graphical Exploration of Failure
Ryan Whitney's a likable enough fellow. He's the proud owner of a charming New England accent that would endear him to the entire cast of Good Will Hunting. He likes to rib his teammates on Twitter...and he sucks at hockey now. Oh well.

Ex-Hurricanes Coach Maurice Parts with Metallurg – Source
Maybe Maurice can come back to Toronto

TYWKIWDBI ("Tai-Wiki-Widbee"): Mosaic floor
Pretty interesting way to tile your bathroom

Sport Balls Replaced With Cats
Just a bunch of athletes competing for the sweetest kittens

Hockey in the Women's World
Some ideas on how to improve the Women's Worlds.

On the value of character (and chemistry) in a hockey dressing room
Of course it matters but you'd have to be on the team to know how much

Forced Watching: Brawl for the Basement
Bourne's got a tough life