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COX BLOC PRESENTS: Godd Till's Time Machine - Transmission #1

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Godd Till and the gang take a trip to 1989.

Our intrepid time-travellers find themselves trapped in 1989 where they check out Wrestlemania 5, come face-to-face with the Honky Tonk Man, and learn to love Rickey Henderson. Dick RiPietro gets caught in an episode of To Troll An Isles Fan, Godd Till finds the Marxist heart of 1989's best picture, and Kim Jorn tries to steal land from his next door neighbour. The whole gang gets together to put Bruno Sammartino's career into perspective, while one little mistake obliterates the fabric of space and time, causing Jim Paek to be born in west Kansas instead of South Korea. 58 min (Not-Rated).