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[Tuesday's FTB] Leafs Win, Reimer Statue Commissioned

Last night's game was... well, it was bad. But we won! PLAYOFFS!1

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Playoffs all but locked up as Leafs win again
Booyeah, from James Mirtle.

Marlies Hot & Cold: April 8th to April 14th
Things looking pretty bleak down there, says Kyle Cicerella. Though, the Marlies did clinch a playoff spot.

Five Leafs thoughts to begin the week
Article from Cam Charron at TLN. Check out the CBC video on Fraser.

Leafs don’t shoot, but win against the Devils anyway
Michael Langlois with his take on the game.

Two killed, many injured after explosions at Boston Marathon
Link from the AP at TSN, in case you've been living under a rock.

Monday's Ottawa Senators-Boston Bruins game postponed
Shyeah it was. Here is the league's official statement.

Tyler Dellow is pretty happy about Craig MacTavish's appointment as the new GM in Edmonton.

Sabermetric Research: NFL coaching decisions cost 0.73 wins per team
It's an old post, but Phil Birnbaum is a good read. This is also very relevant to our discussion about how much Carlyle could be influencing the Leafs.

Looking at the 10 best NHLers through the neutral zone
Yeah, Kessel is on this list by Justin Bourne.

The other former Oiler players interviewed by Kevin Lowe for the general manager job
The latest from Down Goes Brown.

Histoire de cartes - Les chevelures
Some pretty hilarious hockey cards from La vie est une puck.