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What Is Tyler Bozak Money?

The Leafs "number one centre" is a free agent this summer, his relationship with his meal ticket Phil Kessel is well established, but what is his value based on his play on the ice?

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I am told that that is freaking ridiculous and would be an over payment of Gomez proportions. In my opinion, if Bozak's camp is asking for over five million dollars a year, they can go plead their case elsewhere. Also if Bozak is asking for much less than that, they can go ask elsewhere. What I'm trying to say is Tyler Bozak is probably one of the most overrated player in the NHL today and I think the Leafs would be better off parting ways with him. But let's say that the Leafs do exactly what we all fear they will and re-sign Tyler Bozak; what would an honest price for the man they call baby carrot Flowzak be?


So to figure that out, I thought looking at Bozak's comparables on the ice and their contracts could help develop a baseline. What I did is use to find all forwards with more than 150 games played over the past 3 seasons (including this one), with a ppg rate between 0.5 and 0.6 as Bozak himself has a 0.53ppg rate. (I removed Marcus Johansson as he's the only player on an ELC contract) I then took those numbers and put them into a spreadsheet of my own so I could tabulate things like G/60, A/60, and Pts/60 (Note: I couldn't find an easy way to make these even strength points only so it's only total points). Then I went on capgeek and recorded the caphit and contract type for these comparable players and calculated a stat to determine production per dollar value; Pts/60/$M. (I removed Marcus Johansson as he's the only player on an ELC contract without a second contract signed.)

Here is that spreadsheet. - What is Tyler Bozak Money?

It's too big to duplicate here so I'll just give you the basics:

Well that's why I think Tyler Bozak Money is, and if he won't play for that or less then he can GTFO. What do you think? Take the poll below and give your opinion in the comments.