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Morning Links: Boston's Stirring Anthem, Nazem Kadri Projections, Zone Starts, And More

Links from around the NHL about Nazem Kadri, Boston's stirring rendition of the Star Spangled Banner, the effect of zone starts on defencemen, and whether the Leafs are starting to crack under pressure.


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What To Expect Moving Forward From Nazem Kadri
Curt works through his projections for Kadri. Seems like a good midpoint for a range of points.

Bruins fans sing Anthem, chant ‘We Are Boston’, honor Martin Richard on Orr statue
I know anthems at sporting events are anachronistic but when the crowd sings them, like when the singer at TFC's first home game ever forgot the Star Spangled Banner, they're pretty nice moments.

Maple Leafs Prospects - Where Are They Now?
elseldo's latest roundup on the baby buds

The Abridged History Of The Nashville Predators As Told Through The Martin Erat For Filip Forsberg Trade
Everything you never knew you never knew about the Predators

The Oilers Struggles At Centre Aren't A Slump - It's The System. Again.
The Oilers' struggles at centre are all based on a systemic flaw.

Soul of a New System: Anatoli Tarasov’s Fancystats
A pretty cool look at how one man turned the USSR into a hockey powerhouse and the kinds of stats he tracked

ZoneStarts and Defencemen
Dellow builds on a discussion on Twitter about the importance of Zone Starts on Corsi by looking at defencemen. The nature of defencemen changing was an interesting touch.

NHL Death Watch: Red Wings’ 21-season playoff streak in trouble

Kevin Lowe apologizes for alienating Oilers fans in press conference trainwreck

Lowe had to apologize for screwing up the easiest press conference he was ever going to hold: firing the serial incompetent Steve Tambellini. Instead he pulled a page out of Burke's book and said that season ticket holders matter the most.

The Maple Leafs and handling adversity
Are the Leafs feeling the pressure of the playoffs?

Dynamo Moscow wins KHL’s Gagarin Cup; Alex Ovechkin to get championship ring?
Fuck that! Leo Komarov could win a ring!