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Parade Planners Playoff Positivity Podcast (Episode 9)

Yeah, that's right. No negativity 'round these parts.

Jana Chytilova/Freestyle Photo

It's unlikely that you're prepared for how awesome this podcast is. If you're wearing a seat belt, that's a good start, but you might also want to consider a helmet, goggles, and water wings, because for the first time ever, you get all of PPP's girlfriends all at the same time, and it's going to get [pick a hilarious adjective]. That's right. Myself, SkinnyFish (@SkinnyPPPhish), Bower Power (@So_Truculent), birky (@b1rky), and Danny Gray (who I guess is really more of a PPP concubine @ACatNamedFelix) teamed up, and swore oaths of positivity to talk about THE LEAFS GETTING INTO THE PLAYOFFS. WE SWORE TO NOT MAKE too many NEGATIVE THOUGHTS ABOUT STATS OR RANDY CARLYLE. NONE.

To mark the occasion of the Leafs getting into the playoffs, I've even included a new intro. You may need a cold shower afterwards.

You're welcome, and happy Monday.

1. Gearing up for the PLAYOFFS!!!1

2. Beards, of the playoff variety

3. Call-ups?

4. Playoff matchups? Which team do you want? We want the Swiss cheese Carey Price.

5. Leafs' individual player awards