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[Tuesday's FTB] Who Cares, Because The Leafs Are In The Playoffs

All other facts are but details.

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Jana Chytilova/Freestyle Photo

Playoff veteran van Riemsdyk ready to show green Leafs the way
James Mirtle with the story.

Marlies Hot & Cold: April 15th to April 21st
Drew MacIntyre is doing good work, says Kyle Cicerella.

Hemsky Joins Elite Company (Unfortunately)
Tyler Dellow is frustrated by the Edmonton media.

PDO numbers by NHL team - April 22
Yeah, the Leafs are still at the top of this list. From Cam Charron at NHL Numbers.

Five Leafs thoughts to begin the week - April 22nd
Shyeah Reimer for Vezina. From Cam Charron at TLN.

Keep in mind, good Leaf teams have always been bailed out by good goaltending…
No has no doubt been true of many teams, and Michael Langlois remembers.

Backhand Shelf Podcast
Yeah, BHS can admit that the Leafs making the playoffs is a big deal.