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[Thursday's FTB] Leafs Lose, Still In Playoffs

Your daily dose of hockey links

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Last night, the ghost of PDO past came to collect a small part of the Leafs' debt, as the Buds rang three shots off the post in the first half of the game, and wound up surrendering three goals in the third to lose 5-2 to the Tampa Bay Lightning. Ah well, them's the breaks. Hey, at least they're still playoff-bound.

Mark Fraser was a bit of a disaster last night, but then, if he's spending much time against Martin St. Louis, the dam is going to burst at some point. Three goals though? Ouch. Rest up, Phaneuf.

Phil Kessel looked great, and had several good chances, as did his linemates Tyler Bozak and James van Riemsdyk, which is always good to see. In fact, Kessel registered his 49th point, which will make this his second (if incomplete) consecutive season at a point-per-game or better.

On to the links.

Can the Leafs win in the playoffs?
Not likely, but it'll be fun anyway. Article from Ryan Fancey.

In final week, chance to sit Fraser; play Kostka
Instead, they sat Liles. Oh well. Article from Cam Charron.

Eakins will dress whoever gives Marlies best chance to win
Kyle Cicerella has an update from down on the farm.

Leafs look disjointed in loss to lowly Lightning
Yech. Moving on. Article from James Mirtle.

Antithesis: Hegel, Tarasov, and the Evolution of Hockey
The best hockey article I've read in a long time, from Ellen Etchingham.

Backhand Shelf Podcast
The latest.

The Quiet Room: Erik Karlsson is probably not a wizard
Good article from Jo Innes.

Special Note From Ben Schnell

I'm starting a playoff pool... It's going to be $10 buy in with the top 2-5 getting money depending on how many people sign up.
2pts for G, 1pt for A, 2pts for W, 1pt for SO.

6 East forwards, 6 West forwards, 4 East D, 4 West D, 2 East G, 2 West G.

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