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We're Building a War Fund for Charity

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The playoffs start soon and we're going to kick them off with some goodwill.

Joel Auerbach

In the previous years I've auctioned my blogging services off to charity since the Leafs weren't in the playoffs. Those days are over.

That doesn't mean my commitment to charity is over and so I offer you all a great opportunity: let's all throw a bunch of money in to some good causes today and celebrate the Leafs finally making the playoffs.

What are the causes?

To start off: every single penny we collect will go to charity. We have a good track record of this in the past and are more than happy to be audited.

In the past I've worked with Right to Play, a charity that helps children play sports. Right to Play helps children bridge cultural divides (think Israel / Palestine) by bringing them together with amateur athletics. We're going to donate 50% of the money we get to them.

826 Boston is a non-profit tutoring center that offers children help with their expository writing, as well as offering teachers ideas with how to inspire their students. 25% of the funds we raise will go to 826 Boston.

Finally, blog overlord PPP spends a lot of time working with the Canadian Colombian Children's Organization. They offer health services, nutrition and education to impoverished Colombian youth in the hope of breaking that country's cycle of violence. The final 25% of our funds will go there.

I'm a broke college kid, how can I help?

Everything will help; donate $1 if that's all you can spare. Share our post on Twitter and Facebook, email some of your friends and tell them.

Ok, I'll do it, how do I donate?

Send paypal donations, marked as a gift to avoid paying fees to Paypal, to PPP at If you're Canadian you can send it via e-mail money transfer to the same account. When he receives a donation he'll post the amount and your initials in the comments so you know it didn't disappear.

Email money transfers to the same address are also a-ok for you Canadian types.

Some Perks!

Leafs fans and readers of this blog will like what we're going to do because of this, but I should inspire you to reach deeper into your pockets, so:

Donate $20: PPP, our mystery guest and I will thank you publicly on twitter.

Donate $50: All three of us will tweet a link to your website whenever you want.

Donate $100: One of us, your choice, will write a guest post on a topic of your choosing at your blog.

Donate $150: PPP and I will send you an autographed high res print of us at Wendel Clark's jersey retirement night.

Donate $500: I will send you a Leafs jersey out of my personal collection (my choice). (This will not be worth $500 and is probably a bad idea - my jersey collection is brutal).

Final Plea

This will be fun as hell, I promise. If we meet our goal of $2,000 before the playoffs start you will sit back and laugh until it hurts.

If we don't meet our goal? We'll close comments for the duration of the playoffs. Easy.

Update April 29, 2013 1:52PM

So far, we've raised $3,100 through 80 donations of various amounts. This is an incredible response and it's much appreciated. We'll get working on all of the shoutouts and other rewards we owe as soon as possible. I tried to match up twitter handles as much as possible if you see your donation is light a handle just drop it in the comments.

Thanks again and keep spreading the word.

Initials Twitter Handle Dollar Amount
ST SkierSask 50
MS 25
SM scott_speaks 20
RD rsd08 20
SE SMEmrich 25
WC KillerSundin 30
DM DALee74 150
CF plantheparade 75
SM 125
AM 17.93
DM DustinParkes 20
CA clrkaitken 50
VC vcarneiro 125
JH Charity Shoutout 50
MF mforbes37 50
KW keithwhipp 20
CV snatchera 34.34
KGW KWood20 20
AL attackingzonegood 25
DB brewguy 20
NL noahlove66 20
MS leafer1984 35
LS theactivestick 20
RR TheKert 20
JO felixpotvin 50
BI TVsBrent 200
JE 100
AG 20
MC mariia19 50
JG jasegiles 30
GW 25
JPY 20
RG 20
AN 43
ML puckingfunny 20
HW matt__black 50
TB 34
ER 20
DS 20
CH HBAdventure 30
DR bruinshockeynow 25
SC sarah_conors 30
SP spetrie9 20
FM 5
EC ecozens 20
SS So_Truculent 50
AS angiesanthi 20
WM 20
JK 30
NG ngreenberg 20
CS 5
RG BobbyGottfried 20
AF afetherolf 22
JB b1rky 25
DS dscoul 3
MP 50
DK declankerin 50
AB MapleLeafsHS 20
KT KellyTwomey 24.93
AD article1 50
KH NigelCadbury 35
LS lsan8440 100
WB 34.34
SM downgoesbrown 50
TB 50
CC camcharron 30
AT 19
JJ 20
MO habslaughs 20
CO SkinnyPPPhish 75
HF fergus30 75
SR scott_rennie 20
AP 20
AS 50
WM 25
JB jfbaxter 25
JL 34
TM 38.28
JJ sir_jamez 50