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Morning Links: Time to Exorcise the Demons

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Leafs need a young priest and an old priest.

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Leafs stumble into the Playoffs.
Leafs stumble into the Playoffs.
Claus Andersen

Well the Bruins are jerks and have stolen the world of a Leafs-Habs (totally non-rivalry) first round playoff series and have instead taken their place. Prepare yourself for a a vomit inducing amount of Kessel trade talk cause it's going to be roaring like an avalanche coming down MSM Mountain.

Here there be links

Stanley Cup playoff schedule 2013: The full conference quarterfinal breakdown
Here's the full schedule for the first round of the 2013 Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Manufacturing Goals in the Post-Season - The Power Pla
Something the Leafs haven't been great at recently.

The Leafs: Led From Behind
No, he doesn't mean from behind the bench.

Leafs Player Point Projections Over an 82-game Season
I think this would be a better post if it just used the ppg rates over an additional 34 games.

Is Anne Murray Available to Sing the Anthems at Leafs Playoffs Games?
Not a bad idea from Cam.

Draft Lottery Odds are Finalized
My money's on Edmonton winning it yet again.

Enough of Buff: Get rid of him
If only Ondrej Pavelec were a bit more tanned then Lawless might wonder whether he is a big reason that Buff's offensive prowess is wasted.

Don Cherry’s comments regarding no women in locker rooms misses the point
Is there no topic that Grapes can't be found to be completely backwards on?

Post-deadline possession: Which teams are hot heading into the playoffs?
One table containing everything you need to know for the postseason. Toronto has some company in the "how are they going to do?" club.

Kids in Ghana need your help
Friend of the Blog Eric T is raising funds for charity too. Every little bit helps.

Using Statistics to Predict the NHL Playoffs
Good news: the entire playoffs are a small sample!

It’s Harder To Be Friends Than Lovers
Someone get Ryan Whitney a mirror

Have We Seen The Last Of Nikolai Khabibulin?
Wouldn't it be amazing to see Khabibulin stick around?

Dallas Stars to Hire Jim Nill: Random Thoughts On A Crazy Final Weekend in Hockey
The Dallas Stars have made some sweeping changes in the past few days; here are some of my random thoughts on a weekend of change.

Avalanche Fire Coach Joe Sacco
After another low finish the Colorado Avalanche have fired coach Joe Sacco. Sacco spent 8 years with the franchise and will be the head coach for Team USA at the 2013 World Championship.