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Morning Links: There Are No Atheists in Foxholes

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All of the links that you need to read to get you through trade deadline day.

"Are you their hockey god, it's me, Miikka." "THOU SUCKS!"
"Are you their hockey god, it's me, Miikka." "THOU SUCKS!"
Ronald Martinez

It's often said that there are no atheists in foxholes. I find that quote especially applicable to Leafs fans on this year's trade deadline. Instead of being bombarded by artillery fire, Leafs fans are the targets of endless rumor mongering from Kypreos, Dreger, and their ilk. Think of this trade deadline as our Battle of the Bulge. The Barilkosphere is our Bastogne, and PPP is our foxhole. Here we hunker down and pray to whichever hockey gods will listen that this year's deadline isn't a complete cluster. Let us all now recite the Shepard's prayer:

"Dear Lord, please don't let Nonis fuck up."

Here are your deadline day links:

Drew MacIntyre signs NHL deal with Maple Leafs, Marlies likely to start Mark Owuya against Lake Erie
More on what the Marlies are doing as they look to get back to the Calder Cup final.

Tim Connolly Pulled From Marlies Lineup
Apparently it's because he might get traded, not because he's no longer good enough for the AHL...which he isn't.

Trade Deadline Drinking Game
When you wanna get really messed up at work.

Five Surefire Moves that Sure Weren't
Gretzky to the Blues is almost forgettable.

Jay Feaster Makes it Hard on His Allies
And his belts.

Hockey Puck
xkcd looks at whether you could shoot a puck so hard it would knock a goalie into the net.

What The Bouwmeester Deal Means
An Oilers' perspective from friend of the blog Pat

The Sports Culture Happiness Index
10 things from the sports world that will hopefully bring a smile to your face

TSN, Sportsnet fight the battle for NHL trade deadline supremacy
Previewing the two major networks and their NHL trade deadline coverage.

Lying Around With Brandon McCarthy
This guy is pretty cool

Does credibility take a hit when media companies both own teams and employ sports journalists?
Good topic but it's not like coverage hasn't been skewed by relationships before. It's just in the public eye much more visibly which is actually a good thing.

Michigan's John Beilein a descendant of soldiers that inspired 'Saving Private Ryan'
The inspiration came from Tonawanda near Buffalo which is officially the first time anyone's been inspired by Tonawanda.

J.P. Arencibia’s night in 9 GIFs
Apparently catching a knuckleballer is difficult