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Streak Over. Time for a New Streak

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He is none too pleased.
He is none too pleased.

Here there be links:

Questionable Officiating, Coaching Cost Leafs in 5-3 Loss

Cam's observation about the 4th line being out with under 5 to go is inexcusable.

Game 38 in 10 at MLHS

11 - Just think how bad this game would have been with new addition Ryan O'Byrne in the game.

Maple Leafs Scoring Chances Thruough 36 Games

Some good stuff here.

The Collective's Greatest Hits, So Far

Lots of good articles to be found here.

Lupul Gone; Now We'll See What Depth Really Means

I guess. This is really no different than the first 25 game of the season.

The Backhand Shelf Deadline Drinking Game Trailer

Poor Zubes, James Duthie owned him.

Greg Sherman's Gonna Get Fired