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Today is a day of firsts for the site. First up: The first From The Branches post on a Leafs' game day. It will be bigger and better than anything you've ever seen before.

The moment the Leafs clinched a playoff spot
The moment the Leafs clinched a playoff spot
Jana Chytilova/Freestyle Photo


Maple Leafs - Bruins series preview
Pretend we wrote this because it's a really great preview

Quality Player Quotes and Press Conference Pablum
Should we really feel incensed when an NHL player declines a post-practice media scrum? What kind of value do we really get out of player quotes? And for that matter, what kind of articles have any value at all?

Who's The Underdog Now? Ducks Take Game 1 Over Detroit 3-1
Stupid fucking Ducks

Cancel the Parade: Ducks 3 - Red Wings 1 (Ducks Lead 1-0)
The Wings need to get their act together

Sharks vs. Canucks Preview: The 5 Most Embarrassing Facts about George Vancouver
George Vancouver, namesake of the city of Vancouver, was as almost as bad and embarrassing as the Canucks.

The Week In Sports Happiness
This is one of my favourite posts every week

The Backhand Shelf guide to keeping your sanity during the NHL Playoffs
Some good advice

The New York Islanders may follow the Brooklyn Nets' lead and it would be hilarious

Alex Steen wins Game 1 for Blues after Jonathan Quick’s stunning gaffe (Video)
This is a stunning mistake

FanPost: Carn you Kessel
Peregrine shares his experiences with anxiety and wonders how it may relate to Kessel's approach to dealing with the media.

A Graphic Guide To The NHL Playoffs, For Maple Leaf Fans
This is a fantastic and easy to read re-introduction to the playoffs for Leafs fans.

Bruins and Leafs panel picks (how many ways to say Bruins in six?)
Only one had the guts to choose...the Bruins in four.

NHL Playoffs Preview: West
A statistical in-depth look at the Western Conference series

NHL Playoff Preview: East
And here's the Eastern Conference version

What the Playoffs Mean to Me
One fan's story about what the return to the playoffs means to her

OHL Education: Musical Franchises
Where are the Erie Otters headed?

A Precedent Promising Hope And Change
The Jays are in a bad stretch but how often have good teams have similar stretches? Hopefully the Jays sort things out by June when the Leafs are done.

Don Cherry, the Canadian Skip Bayless, presents a CBC conundrum
Andrew Bucholtz on Don Cherry

Trouble Area
A look at how the Leafs' defence might match up against the Bruins' forwards and a prediction for the outcome of the series.

Utah man refereeing game punched by teen; in critical condition
From the 'refs sometimes don't get paid enough' files...

NH Man Loses Life Savings On Carnival Game
This story is unreal.

Mendes on Sens/Habs: For the fan in all of us
Sure he's a turncoat but at least Mendes understands what it's like to be a fan. Can't say the same for most of his colleagues.

Hockey Time Machine - Marguerite Norris
Did you know that a woman is on the Stanley Cup