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[Tuesday's FTB] On With The Playoffs!

I think I'm ready to start watching hockey again.

Jared Wickerham

Mikhail Grabovski Comes Clean About Bite
You may have seen the link to the original PD article yesterday (and this one has a link), but yes, Grabbo did bite Patch.

Victoria Day Open Thread: Is London's Max Domi a draft target?
I'd be happy with him at the position the Leafs will likely be picking, but we'll see. From Cam Charron at TLN. By the way, if you haven't seen this video, it's pretty awesome.

Reflecting on Dave Nonis’ “exit” thoughts—and grading out the Maple Leafs, with some perspective, after a season that ended a bit too soon…
Michael Langlois with a report card for the Leafs.

Vintage Leafs: Carpenter behind the bench
Check out the site, because there are a bunch of new photos up.

Will Acton emerging as more than a penalty killer, Tim Connolly battling health and goal slump
Connolly was sat for Game’s 4 and 5, however Eakins wouldn’t make it clear if it was because of injury or poor play. Tough year for Timmy C. From Kyle Cicerella.

NHL Tooth Watch: Cataloging all the lost fangs in the 2013 playoffs
The latest from Harrison Mooney.

Blackhawks robbed by refs on no-goal in Game 3 vs. Red Wings?
Yeah, I'd be mad about that call.

The goal that saved the Pittsburgh Penguins’ season
You can probably guess which one it is. From Cam Charron at BHS.

Leafs fan loses bet to Bruins fan, wears his shame on sandwich board (Photos)
What a shock, a Bruins fan used presumed homosexuality as an insult.

Who Will Win in the Battle Between Ottawa's Hopes and Dreams and Reality? (Spoiler: Reality.)
The Sens-Pens broken down

How do shooting percentage and shot rates each impact scoring?
Do shooting percentages or shot rates drive an individual player's point totals more?

Infographic: Guide to Scoring
This is neat

My non-sports fan, philosophy major friend on plus-minus and statistics in sports
A short discussion

Nozak: The Chemistry Chronicles
If fucking Bozak is back beside Kessel next year...

Dear NBC: Time To Acknowledge The AHL
Maybe someone can tell Pierre that the AHL is another junior league

Babcock keeps pushing Red Wings in perhaps his best coaching job ever
Detroit's head coach is all about pushing everyone around him to achieve their best results.

Brodeur Owns JVR
EA makes Marty be a real jerk

Don't blame the goalie
This guy thinks Marc-Andre Fleury is better than Vokoun!

A look into Dave Nonis’ General Managing History
Trying to discern what Nonis might do this summer based on his time in Vancouver.

Beyond "You Lit A Fire": Other recent newspaper ads from around the league
These aren't bad