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Leo Komarov: On His Season And Negotiating With Toronto

Leo Komarov spoke to the Russian media while attending Dynamo's championship celebrations.

Paul Bereswill

Noted pest Leo Komarov was in Russia to celebrate Dynamo Moscow's KHL championship. Komarov laced up for Dynamo during the lockout after returning from the Toronto Marlies as well as for three previous seasons. This translation was graciously provided by Fedor Fedin of the Caps blog Russian Machine Never Breaks.

Leo Komarov to Sport-Express at Dynamo parade:

- Are you happy with your season in the NHL?
- Yeah. What should I be unhappy about?

- You played mostly on the fourth line...
- I had gone to the NHL to play and I played. We played like 55 or 56 games. I participated in 49 - it's alright.

- But you didn't play a lot.
- Why do you think so? I had like 14:30 per game.

- Maybe it's time to come back to Dynamo?
- My contract with Toronto is over. There are negotiations about coming back to Dynamo. Maybe. Or I could go to Australia, I think there's a hockey league, too.

Dynamo coach Oleg Znarok didn't deny it: "If Leo says so, then it's true".

Komarov then backed off a little as he was asked to comment by R-Sport

I'm not gonna hide I've had talks about coming back to Dynamo, but I wait for Toronto offer. I don't think it's easier to make the Olympic roster from the KHL. Even though it's a shorter flight. In the end, my goal is to make the Sochi team.

Now we can sit back and wait for this translation to hit the Toronto Sun's sports section.