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[Thursdays' FTB] A Pinch Of This, A Dash Of That

We've got links on a variety of topics, today.

Jana Chytilova/Freestyle Photo

Pens Rout Sens 7-3
This recap from CBC via the AP.

The Canucks are giving head coach Alain Vigneault his walking papers
Wonder if ol' Nonis is going to kick the tires on Vigneault.

Backhand Shelf Podcast
The latest instalment.

Flyers’ forward Jakub Voracek is fine after a car accident, but his Ferrari is most certainly not
Pretty incredible, judging by the photo. Story from Justin Bourne.

How You Play the Game
Ellen Etchingham on luck, and why we keep coming back anyway.

2013 Calder Cup: What went wrong in Marlies third-period collapse to Griffins
3rd period collapse in a game 7? The Marlies and Leafs really are keeping their coaching strategies consistent. From Kyle Cicerella.

Kings' assistant Bill Ranford cites Corsi to TSN's Ryan Rishaug
Corsi numbers, by the way, were originally invented to measure how much work goaltenders do, but I guess it's still cool to hear. Cam Charron points this out at NHL Numbers.

Likely top pick Seth Jones projects as complete package
Awkward title, but I figured I'd link the article anyway. From Mike G. Morreale at

Pavel Datsyuk’s Top 10 goals will melt your brain with their awesomeness
I'm sure you've all seen these clips, but they don't really get old, anyway. From Wyshynski.

Open Thread: Angling for young forwards
Cam Charron resurrects an old Burke metaphor with an eye on a trade.

My Year as a Florida Panthers Season Ticket Holder
"Well hell, I can't afford it in Vancouver, so I bought season tickets for the Florida Panthers. Despite my geographic location, it made total sense."

Leafs fan loses bet to Bruins fan, wears his shame on sandwich board (Photos)
What a shock, a Bruins fan used presumed homosexuality as an insult.

Who Will Win in the Battle Between Ottawa's Hopes and Dreams and Reality? (Spoiler: Reality.)
The Sens-Pens broken down