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[Tuesday's FTB] Back Off, Get Your Own Coach


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Cam Charron has an article up about the CBC Satellite Hotstove comments regarding Dallas Eakins being pursued by the Vancouver Canucks. This is all I have to say.

Canucks reportedly show interest in Marlies coach Dallas Eakins
Cam Charron with the article.

Michael Langlois: Randy Carlyle and the right ‘mix’ for the Maple Leafs going forward
Michael Langlois with a few thoughts on Carlyle's style, and how it fits in with the current Leafs' squad.

Vintage Leafs: 1996-97 Leafs
The site has a pile of new photos up, so go take a gander.

La vie est une puck: Histoire de cartes - On prend la pose!
Yeah yeah, it's in French. But it's a bunch of vintage Leafs hockey card photos.

Down Goes Brown: The Kerry Fraser game: 20 years later

Was Daniel Alfredsson playing ping pong shirtless in an Ottawa bar Saturday night?
Of course he was.

Systems Analyst: Looking at the player movement on the Kings PP, and the decisions for the PKers
The latest from Justin Bourne looks at a near-goal.

Eulogy: Remembering the 2012-13 New York Rangers
From Greg Wyshynski.