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Morning Links: Maple Leafs Win Game In HD, One More Chirp Bites The Dust

Morning links on the most glorious of mornings.

Jim Rogash

Links, Links, Links

Drance's Thoughts
Friend of the blog Thomas Drance shares some thoughts on last night's win.

Carlyle's game plan pays off
Good look at how Carlyle found Kessel some more space. Hopefully he learned a thing or two.

Leafs pull out all the stops to even series with Bruins

Leafs take second game 4-2, beat Bruins in most complete effort of 2013
The Krejci line just obliterated last night

Huddersfield v Barnsley last game of the season pitch invasion
Pure unadulterated joy as Huddersfield avoids relegation from the Championship.

NHL anti-headshot crusade achieves maximum incoherence
The league's rules are so poorly drafted and so ineptly interpreted as to be nearly meaningless. Yet chief disciplinarian Brendan Shanahan is applauded for his latest absurd decision.

FanPost: Lars Eller and Our Approach to Suspensions
Almost a counterpoint to Selley's story

FanPost: Correlation of Fenwick Close vs P% and Normality
Warning: MATH. Pretty interesting though.

Which elite forwards does Zdeno Chara shut down the most?
Evgeni Malkin: Not elite. Jason Spezza: Bust. Sidney Crosby: Struggles

Game In 10: ECQF Game #2, Leafs 4 at Bruins 2
Playoffs – Game 2. They say that nothing goes wrong in the playoffs until you lose a game at home. Advantage: Leafs.

James Reimer: Franchise Goaltender
Reimer's really good eh? Good thing we've know for so long. Glad to see others notice.

Get To Know a Dumb Jerk Leaf: Dion Phaneuf
Bruins fans secretly love Phaneuf.

Clamor on Causeway: Where's the Uproar for Dustin Brown?
Dustin Brown's hit on Jaden Schwartz had nothing to do with hockey, and he should be punished for it.