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[Tuesday's FTB] More On Eakins And The Finals

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This will be an interesting off-season, as the Leafs look to re-sign Phil Kessel, sign a new minor-league coach, need to fix the "D" and have a lower cap hanging over their heads.

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Eakins has shown ability to develop young talent
Yes, but so did Paul Maurice. From Connor Mellas at

Eakins’ road to Oilers inspired by Roger Neilson
Beginning of lifelong friendship began at Peterborough, Ont. hockey school, says James Mirtle.

Forecasting Phil: What should the Leafs look to pay Phil Kessel?
It's a scary thought, but Cam Charron is looking ahead.

Dynamo GM confirms Leo Komarov signing
This is a Charron article at TLN, but info from Andrey Osadchenko and Dmitry Chesnokov.

The perils of Maple Leaf blogging
Somewhat off-put by "group-think" and the "ascerbic tone" of the blogosphere, Michael Langlois ponders the future of his site.

Roman Josi gets 7-year deal with Nashville Predators
If you just thought "Who?" you're not alone. Story from Wyshynski.

Eulogy: Remembering the 2012-13 Pittsburgh Penguins
Wyshynski has B.D. Gallof, an Isles blogger write the eulogy.

Blackhawks vs. Bruins Stanley Cup Preview: Who has the better defensemen?
From Greg Wyshynski.

Blackhawks vs. Bruins Stanley Cup Preview: Who has the better captain?
Harrison Mooney wonders.

How Disappointing Was Your Team's NHL Playoff Run?
The latest DGB post is up at Grantland.

The Boston Bruins are a talented hockey team
Cam Charron with shocking revelations.

The Dallas Stars have signed Sergei Gonchar for two years
Mistake? Probably. For 2 years at $10M, says Justin Bourne via the CBC.