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[Thursday's FTB] Hockey Happened Last Night

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We have to appreciate it while we can, because this off-season is still going to feel like a long one.


Can Randy Carlyle become a smarter coach?
I'm a Leafs fan, so I tend to bank on the worst case scenario, but Cam thinks it's possible.

NHL’s moving ‘Handshake’ commercial honors Stanley Cup Playoffs’ greatest forced tradition
Forced or not, I like it. Video and article from Greg Wyshynski.

Nation Network 2013 Mock Draft: Picks 1-10
From Jonathan Willis at The Nation Network.

Modern hockey thought and all-encompassing player evaluation metrics
David Johnson with some thoughts on Eric T's thoughts.

Steering advanced regression tools towards modern hockey thought
Eric T with some thoughts on hockey stats. No math in this one, actually.

Backhand Shelf Podcast: Stanley Cup Final preview and predictions
The latest.

An Aesthetic of Violence
I don't think it's quite so difficult to say why the Bruins are tough to play against, but Ellen Etchingham has penned another piece.

The Art Institute of Chicago has thrown their support behind the Blackhawks
...With a sweet addition to a well-known statue. From JB.

Gary Bettman paints rosy picture of post-lockout NHL in state of the union address
Cam Cole figures that Bettman knew this would happen all along, and I have to agree.

Mark Streit trade: Expensive defenseman isn't the long-term answer
Travis Hughes forgot to add "expensive OLD defenseman isn't the long-term answer".