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Orr More Years

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Bruce Bennett

So Colton Orr got himself a contract extension from Leafs GM Dave Nonis to the tune of 2 years at $925k a pop. In a vacuum this isn't a bad deal. It's a marginal NHLer being signed to a minimal contract that would only hurt the big club's salary cap by $25,000 should the player be sent down to the minors. Nothing to see here right? Wrong. While on it's own the contract is nothing, it just another bullet in the gun pointed at my head, being held by the Leafs front office.

Don't believe me? Here are the last five (non-call up/send down) moves that Dave Nonis has made:

  • Extended Colton Orr through 2014-15
  • Extended Korbinian Holzer through 2014-15
  • Traded a 4th round pick for Ryan O'Byrne
  • Traded Mike Brown for a conditional 4th round pick
  • Claimed Frazer McLaren off waivers
I'm only a Tyler Bozak re-signing for $5M AAV away from a 100% chance at blowing my brains all over my computer screen.

Orr is a bad player. He does more harm than good for the Maple Leafs, and the only defenses of him cannot be quantified. Dave Nonis has no idea what he's doing.

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