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[Tuesday's FTB] Harumph.

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Go Hawks.

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Jim Rogash

Should the Leafs take a chance on Danny Briere if he's bought out?
Interesting thought from Cam Charron.

Should the Leafs sign David Clarkson?
Steve Dangle says 'no'.

A Quick Economics Lesson
Dellow doesn't think the league is necessarily looking at Seattle over Québec City or vice versa simply on the basis of relocation fees.

Glendale set to determine Coyotes future in the desert
If the deal goes South, er, uh, North, this could actually be it. From David Soalts at the Globe.

Captain Serious Having Seriously Good Playoffs
Tyler Dellow doesn't mind a joke or two at Toews' expense, but thinks he's still playing well.

The 1-1 Stanley Cup Series: A Historical Analysis
The latest from DGB at Grantland.

The Detroit Red Wings sent their plane for their AHL team’s playoff commute
Nice gesture. Article from Justin Bourne.