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Morning Links: The Jonathan Bernier Trade, Matt Frattin, Dave Nonis, And More

You're going to notice a theme to these links.

Jeff Gross

Leafs acquire Jon Bernier - Our initial reaction
Basically what I've thought: the odds of this trade backfiring are slim but the process behind making it doesn't make a lot of sense.

Saying farewell: Matt Frattin is now a Los Angeles King
What did the Leafs lose in Frattin? Cheap depth that could skate in the NHL. We'll see how replaceable that actually proves to be.

The Leafs acquire Jonathan Bernier!!!
Video from Dangle.

Thoughts on the Jonathan Bernier Trade
More thoughts

Bye-Bye Bernier
Jewels From The Crown looks at the deal.

Don't rush to condemn Maple Leafs for Bernier trade
The people condemning the trade aren't doing so because Bernier sucks. To suggest otherwise is a truly facile explanation of things but here we are.

Jonathan Bernier Ask A Pro: Staying Sharp, Customized Gear and More
A May 2012 interview with InGoal Magazine

Ask a Pro with Kings Rookie Jonathan Bernier
An April 2011 interview with InGoal Magazine

Table For Two
Hope In The Big Smoke is confused by this trade.

Leafs get the real deal in Bernier
The Kings can't afford to have two good goalies. Thankfully, the Leafs can apparently.