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[Thursday's FTB] Letang To The Leafs? Don't Hold Your Breath.

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Breathe, people.

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Things got a little crazy on Twitter last night when Pittsburgh Penguins beat reporter Rob Rossi (@RobRossi_Trib) posted this little number:

Rossi was called onto TSN 1050 Radio almost immediately after tweeting this info, and asked to clarify. He said that he is unaware of the Leafs and Pens having any kind of conversation about Letang, but that IF Letang were to be moved (mostly for cap/value reasons), the defender would most like to come to Toronto. Huh. Sounds like rumour mongering to me, but it's a compelling idea, nonetheless.

Memories of last season's Draft Day really spur this rumour on. Jordan Staal wanted to go to Carolina when the Penguins couldn't fit the salary he was sure to get on the open market into their long term plans, and it's a similar situation with Letang. Moreover, The Leafs could offer a young D man to replace Letang at a fraction of the cost (Jake Gardiner or Morgan Rielly), could provide Pittsburgh with a goalie (Reimer or Bernier, but probably Reimer), but the Pens supposedly also would want a 1st rounder on top of two roster players. Steep. Rossi never mentioned what kind of two players the Penguins might be looking for, but it's clear they could use some help in goal, and puck-moving defencemen are good to have around, so it makes a certain amount of sense.

Let's try not to get too crazy.

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