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For Chicago, It's Win and You're In

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The Bruins punched their ticket to the finals last night, and tonight Chicago will have the chance to do the same.

"Now small man is both below me and behind me."
"Now small man is both below me and behind me."
Bruce Bennett

Bruins move on to the ECF.

The 2013 UFA Goaltenders: The New Jersey Devils Can Help Themselves - If They Want To
ILWT looks at whether or not picking up a goalie off the UFA market will be beneficial.

Report: Dallas Stars Sign Sergei Gonchar to 2-Year, $10 Million Contract - Defending Big D
The Dallas Stars have signed the veteran defenseman to a two-year, $10 million contract, according to a Dreger.

I wonder if the Gonchar deal will get other teams rolling on acquisitions and extensions - I wouldn't mind having a Leafs' extension to talk about (not Colton Orr, not Colton Orr, not Colton Orr). Tonight's game starts at 8 pm EST, so plan your life accordingly. Dump any links in the comments.