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[Monday's FTB] Draft Day Thread Part Deux

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Jump for links and chatter. Oh, and HAPPY CANADA DAY!

Bruce Bennett

As Bolland arrives from Chicago, the Leafs draft Frederik Gauthier; will he be a Leaf in five years?
The latest from Michael Langlois.

Leafs Play it Safe with Gauthier Pick
Justin Fisher with some info on the Leafs' newest 'shutdown forward' project.

David Bolland provides Leafs an immediate upgrade over Tyler Bozak
I'm not wholly convinced, but Cam Charron likes the move.

Leafs Select Verhaeghe in 3rd Round
Known for his two-way play and penalty killing abilities, Verhaeghe scored 18 goals and 26 assists in 67 games this season, and won a gold medal with Canada's U18 World Championship squad (where he played with Toronto's first rounder Frederik Gauthier).

It looks like the Coyotes are staying in Phoenix…for five years, at least
I'm still pretty stunned at what the City of Glendale is getting away with.

Rocky Wirtz and the Chicago Blackhawks wrote Boston a classy letter
It is pretty classy.

Broat Street Hockey: Devils Steal Away Goalie Flyers Could've Had
Travis Hughes laments.