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All-Time Best and Worst Maple Leafs Teams; You Pick 'Em!

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Bruce Bennett

After PPP user SydDave posted his All-Time Leafs team (fraught with errors I might add), lots of people jumped in with their corrections (and rightly so). It got tons of response so I figured, why the hell not come up with a crowd sourced version of what the PPP community views as the All-Time Best and All-Time Worst Maple Leafs teams. So let's get to it shall we?

Fill out both of the forms below, one for All-Time Best and one for All-Time Worst. Each team will be 23 players; 13 forwards, 7 defensemen, and 3 goalies; as well as the All-Time Best and Worst coach and general manager. Please only use last names (no first names, no nicknames) and please for the love of Wendel spell them correctly. I'll give it a week and then tabulate the results. The most popular answers will be our teams.

You're voting on players/coaches/GM based ONLY on their time as a Toronto Maple Leaf, not on their full careers. (Example: Brian Leetch is an all-time great dman, but not an all-time great Maple Leaf.)

Also, if they didn't play at least 1 game in a Maple Leafs uniform, then they don't count. (Example: Tyler Biggs is the worst human being in history, but he's yet to play a game so he's not eligible. Neither is Martin Skoula.) For reference, here's the all-time Leafs roster.

Got it? Good. Have at it!

All-Time Best Maple Leafs Team Form

All-Time Worst Maple Leafs Team Form