Goalie SV%+ Seasons since 1984 (Edit: Now 1500 minute minimum)

Save percentage (SV%) is a stat I find to be very useful in evaluating the performance of goaltenders over the years (even strength SV% is more preferred IMO, but I digress). However, in the past, I was always irked at the fact that looking at different players' SV% over different seasons was always done without the context of the NHL average SV%. While the difference in average SV% sometimes didn't change much between seasons that are close to one another, I still prefer to adjust for it anyway. Thankfully, in recent years, others have been irked by this as well and developed a basic way to adjust for this: adjusted SV% or SV%+. Basically, it measures how good a goaltender's save percentage is relative to the league average.

While that article I linked calculates it this way:

SV%+ = [(1 - League-average save %) / (1 - Goalie SV%)] * 100

I calculated it this way:

SV%+ = [(Goalie SV%) / (League-average SV%)] * 100

The way I did it is more akin to wRC+, but they both essentially give you the same answer (Though, the way that article does it make things look a bit nicer).

One thing I have to say is that I made the mistake of making the minimum minutes played per season at 2500 min, when I think making it 2000 min would include partial seasons like the 1994-95 and 2012-13 seasons. As a result, I included Tuukka Rask's season last season as well as James Reimer's past three seasons for reference. Also, I extracted the league average SV%s from Hockey Reference here.

Anyway, without further ado, here is a list of seasons by SV%+ since the 1983-84 season (mininum 2500 min):

Link to spreadsheet.

Note: I listed them by best to worst SV%+ seasons.

Edit: Since someone accidentally deleted most of the goaltenders before 2004 in the link above, here is another copy of that spreadsheet (which cannot be edited):


Edit 2: I made a new spreadsheet with a list of all goaltender's SV+ seasons who played at least 1500 minutes during the season. As well, I calculated SV+ using Kurt R's method as opposed to the one I used.

Guess which two goalies are last and second last on this list? Hint: We all hate both of them.

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