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Komisarek Bought Out

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Mike Komisarek is no longer a Toronto Maple Leaf

Kevin Hoffman-US PRESSWIRE

I would like to start this thinly veiled hit piece with an acknowledgement that Mike Komisarek seems like a decent human being, and his tweet does nothing to change my mind about that:

Unfortunately for him and many others around the world "being a decent human being" is not, in fact, good enough to make you a highly paid member of the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Komisarek's signing was panned by PPP at the time:

There has only really been one player on the Leafs that made me physically ill to have to watch play, Bryan Marchment, and this summer the Leafs have been linked with TWO of them: Chris Neil and Mike Komisarek.

Komisarek is overrated as a defensive defenceman, he almost matches Neil for cowardice, and hits late every.single.time.

So without hindsight bias: Komisarek looked like a bad signing and somehow was worse than our low expectations.

In stark contrast to the Canadiens the Maple Leafs wear their history like Atlas wore the globe; and getting out from the weight of terrible Burke UFAs like Komisarek should help us ease our struggles. I hope he signs with a team in our division.

In conclusion: