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Talkin' About the Leafs Schedule

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The default caption was "Grabovski drives the net."
The default caption was "Grabovski drives the net."

In the - uh, rush - of last week, we never really took a second to talk about the Leafs' schedule this year. As always, Dirk Hoag's Super Schedule is helpful - the Leafs tie for the 11th most back-to-backs (at 16) and travel the 8th fewest miles. I don't know where the Leafs' strength of schedule stands, but I don't like the idea of playing the Kings and the Sharks twice. March will be a rough month, as always seems to happen to the Leafs, but at least they'll play the Flames twice?

Anyways, here's some links.

Blake Wheeler signs 6 year, 33.6M deal
Easy to forget he's been a 60+ point player for Winnipeg. Three years younger than Clarkson, deal's one year shorter.

Colby Armstrong is close to signing in the SHL
The Toronto Maple Leafs will have $1M against the cap in his name. The deal was dumb, but that buyout was somehow even worse.

NPR is streaming the Newport Folk Festival
Always nice to stream on a lazy Saturday. The Mountain Goats set was great, but as a Leafs fan, hearing this one live hit a little close to home.