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[Thursday's FTB] New Marlies Coach?

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I can't be the only one to have missed the news that the Marlies hired a new coach.

Bruce Bennett

Spotted Record
MLSE hired a new coach for the Toronto Marlies rather quietly yesterday: Steve Spott. Hope In The Big Smoke has plenty of info for you.

Five Minutes For Fighting: How to Find a #2 Defenceman
Matt Horner looks around at other No. 2's around the league.

30 Thoughts: Focus switches to NHL free agents, offer sheets
This is actually from Tuesday, but I'm linking it anyway ICYMI.

The good and bad of signing bought-out players
Good little piece from Ryan Lambert at BHS.

Check out who received votes for the 2013 NHL all-star teams
This is where all the hub-bub started with regards to media folks voting for players in the wrong positions. I think we need to cut the journos some slack on this one.