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Leafs Sign Clarkson

The Leafs have agreed to terms with David Clarkson.


Shock, surprise, we ended up with David Clarkson. Clarkson scored 30 goals two years ago, and 15 in the lockout shortened season on a pretty reasonable shooting percentage.

Clarkson did well in the puck possession game, including looking at WOWYs (with or without yous, a tool to see if a player did better or worse away from another player used to get an idea if one player was responsible for another's success).

If David Clarkson was 27 and this deal was for five years it would be a defensible signing. Clarkson will turn 30 this season and the rumor is his deal is for seven years which would take him to his age 37 season (obviously).

David Clarkson may have 55 pro-rated goals in the past two seasons, but he's a player with 170 points in 426 career games. The most we can hope for is one or two good years from him before his contract is a total boat anchor.

This was worth losing Grabovski and MacArthur? These are the moves that turn a young Leafs team from "hope to make the playoffs" to "hope to contend"?