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So About those RFAs....

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So as feared, Dave Nonis has blown his cash wad on UFAs and Jonathan Bernier's unnecessary contract and now finds himself with 5 RFAs to sign and only $10,320,0833 in capspace to do it. Ask yourself this question: Who's more important to this team; David Clarkson or Carl Gunnarsson? Tyler Bozak or Nazem Kadri? Colton Orr and Frazer McLaren or Cody Franson? Yup, the RFAs are. So why would Nonis prioritize signing UFAs before reupping his own, more important players?

Looking at this roster, it's pretty clear that we're only keeping one of Cody Franson and JM Liles, the latter of which should have been the recipient of a second amnesty buyout, but will now be shopped around to every team in the league with probably no buyers to be found. My guess? Franson's RFA rights get traded for a 2nd round pick and some middling prospect. Oh joy.

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