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[Thursday's FTB] Waiting For Franson And Kadri To Sign

...and for the subsequent cap-clearing trade to be made.


How The Leafs Have Shifted Asset Allocation for 2013-14
Blake Murphy even has some graphs for you.

Leafs sign Mark Fraser to 1-Year, $1.275 million deal
...And now we wait for Franson and Kadri to be signed. Article from Steve Dangle at TLN.

An interview with Assistant Coach of the Leafs Scott Gordon
MLHS' Anthony Petrielli chatted with assistant coach of the Maple Leafs Scott Gordon.

Sweet Reimer Video
You may have seen this one already, but whatever. Hope In The Big Smoke has one linked for you.

Michael Langlois: Can the Leafs afford a lame-duck Kessel this coming season?

Scott Gomez brings his goal-scoring prowess to Florida Panthers
It's only $900k for one year, but I can't help snickering.