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[Tuesday's FTB] We're Going On A Road Trip

Bring your runners.


OK, so today we're going on a road trip to Stride Nation, an SBN site about running of all types. The comments in this FTB are closed, so we're bringing all our hockey talk over there.

Something positive
Well, look at that. Ryan Fancey tells us a few things he thinks bode well for the Leafs.

There's no reason to fret, you know, about unsigned Nazem Kadri
Yeah, no one is freaking out around here.

Steve Kasper does not know how statistical analysis works
Cam Charron doesn't like what he read.

A quick interview with Maple Leafs Director of Pro Scouting Steve Kasper

MLHS' Alec Brownscombe chatted with Maple Leafs Director of Pro Scouting Steve Kasper yesterday. As you might expect, there isn't much patience for stats or even specific answers.

Quebec Major Junior hockey prospect, 16, dies after collapsing
ICYMI, this is a really sad story that emerged yesterday. I can't imagine what his friends and family are going through. Story from CBC Sports.

A hockey game, or a hockey season, as theatre
Cam Charron investigates the role of narratives in hockey coverage.

Are the Ottawa Senators “Nashville north” or “Phoenix north”?
I'm going with 'Phoenix North', because they've been on the verge of folding before. Wait, maybe Nashville has too, and I just can't remember. Are they now? I know things aren't good. Anyway, this article is from Cam Charron at BHS.

Sabermetric Research: Is there evidence for a "hot hand" effect?
Phil Birnbaum has some great blog posts, even if this one's a bit old.

Jody Shelley retires, joins Blue Jackets as broadcaster
The anti-goon crowd is going to be even further drowned out by the on-air voice of one more former thug. I guess he's only broadcasting in Columbus. Article from Travis Hughes.