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[Tuesday's FTB] August Doldrums

Please hockey, come back.


TLN Top Twenty Prospects: No. 20 - David Broll
Seems everyone's doing these things, now.

Steve Dangle Podcast - August 19, 2013 - Rock 'Em, Sock 'Em
'Nuff said.

Exclusive preview: Corey Crawford gets physical with LA Kings on championship video
Huh. Could be interesting. The video is $6.99 on iTunes if you're in Canada and available via Amazon in the States.

François Beauchemin, the late-bloomer
From Cam Charron at BHS.

NHL sour on second Toronto franchise?
Well, I for one, am.

Why all shot attempts aren't created equal
We all know shots are going to correlate closely to Corsi numbers, but it'd be interesting to see which teams had the greatest percentage of shots. From PierceC at Broad Street Hockey.

People watch Flyers paint Wells Fargo Center ice, which still looks dumb
Travis Hughes thinks that it should have one, big logo. Also, IMO, watching the paint dry is just dumb.