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The Last Day of August

<3 Kabby
<3 Kabby
Bruce Bennett

We've done it, everyone. August, the slowest of hockey months, has passed us by. Some important numbers for surviving the last September Stretch:

5 days until Leafs rookie camp.

14 days until the first pre-season game.

14 days until the first regular season game.

15 days until the first Leafs' preseason game.

31 days until the Leafs' home opener against the Alfredsson-free Senators.

Who knows? Maybe sometime next week, there'll be something to talk about. A little light reading for you:

5-Year, 3-Year and 2-Year Fenwick Close Standings - The Copper & Blue
The Leafs are best summarized by this video.

Peter Chiarelli’s best and worst moves as Bruins general manager
Chiarelli gets four more years in the Leafs' division. This piece includes a "best of."

Oh, and Teemu's back: