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[Tuesday's FTB] Stuff.

The Phoenix Coyotes staying in Glendale is the most exciting thing to report on, right now.

Christian Petersen

...And that's not very exciting.

Phoenix Coyotes nightmare ends as NHL approves sale, out clause and all
So the 'Yotes have a deal to keep them in Arizona... for the next 5 years.

The Devils drafting Anthony Brodeur was definitely a neat story, probably not a great deal for him
If you just thought "Martin Brodeur has a son who is 18!?", we're on the same page. Story from Justin Bourne.

Vintage Leafs Photos
There's one up of Sittler's 10 point night. Did you know it came against the Bruins? I'd completely forgotten.

Ex-Leaf Alexei Ponikarovsky jumps to KHL
Poni says Kovalchuk persuaded him.