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[Tuesday's FTB] NEWS!

Oh, it's lovely to be greeted by real hockey news in the morning.

Jared Wickerham

Since my move to Budapest I've been nearly incommunicado, waiting for a new internet connection to be set up. The six hour time difference (seven during daylight savings time) may mean that I'll be around on PPP and Twitter far less often than usual, but I'll still be in and out around mid-day. Glad to be back doing some FTBs.

30 Thoughts

Even though it's thin on Leafs content, you know it's worth a read.

Pre/Post Injury Mason Raymond

Cam Charron with some insight on what ol' MayRay brings to the Leafs camp.

In Defence Of Tyler Bozak

From Jeffler.

Dan Cleary Signs In Philly

Oh, it's good to laugh.

Kipper Retires

Reactions from Matchsticks & Gasoline.