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[Thursday's FTB] Ah, Training Camp!

It's beginning to look a lot like October.

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Jonathan Daniel

There are plenty of interesting tidbits from around the league to discuss this morning, from Dallas Eakins' comments about hiring son-in-laws, Tim Thomas' pending decision to re-join the NHL, and of course, speculation about who will make the Leafs' team.

The truth is, there are only a few spaces up for grabs. If Cody Franson re-signs (please), there is likely only one spot left at defence, but there are as many as three spots within the forward ranks. Relative to other seasons and other teams, a total of four job openings is actually a lot, not to mention that with so many new personnel, it's tough to gauge exactly how well everyone will work together.

Fun times.

Cody Hodgson Signs For 6 Years

It'll probably work out to be a good deal. $4.25M is pretty reasonable. From DBTB.

Nazem Kadri All Smiles

<3 you, Nazem.

Mirtle's Picks To Make The Leafs

He generally agrees with what Chemmy picked over here.

The Mystery Of Paul Ranger

"He was always very philosophical, even at a young age," says a former coach.

Torts Don't Tweet and Thomas To Florida?

From BHS.

The Quiet Room, Dirtbag Edition: Darcy Tucker

I can concede Tucker was kind of a dirtbag, but he was OUR dirtbag. Also, I'm not sure (just from that video) that the hit on Kapanen was a hit to the head.