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[Thursday's FTB] A Penny For Your Thoughts

Tidbits from here and there today, but I'm interested in your opinion.

The header image today is of my own creation (better image here) and I'm wondering what you all think. I've been pondering the possibility of starting a web comic about the Leafs for a while, but when I finally sat down to try and draw something yesterday, I found myself mostly wanting to draw dinosaurs. In other words, I'd like to think the jokes would be better, but I only have this to offer you now.

So how about it: would you be interested in a weird Leafs-based comic full of non-sequiturs? There's a poll after the links.

Marlies Open Training Camp

Article from Jeffler.

Cabbie, Kadri, JvR make a boss Vine


Backhand Shelf Podcast

Corey Pronman looks at a number of prospects, including Morgan Rielly.

A look behind the David Perron trade

From Dave Lozo at BHS.

Looking at players on the roster bubble

Michael Langlois with a few thoughts on guys like Carter Ashton.