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Don't Go Do Something Else

Jim McIsaac

Stay here and talk about the latest comments from Darren Dreger re: Kadri and Franson: (glovetap to @Hope_Smoke for tweeting these out from the radio)

Dreger on TSN Radio "right now the numbers don't work for the Leafs in bringing back Kadri and Franson"

Dreger "sounds like Dave Nonis is willing to continue to play hardball with these two players. If they miss training camp so be it"

Dreger "the Leafs would be very comfortable paying Kadri just under $3 million for two years"

Dreger "Kadri was at some point (and may still be) looking for a five year contract"

Dreger "Kadri will get a big pay day eventually the Leafs just don't want to do it now"

Dreger "I believe James Reimer is a #1 goalie but the Leafs' collapse in Game 7 could have been avoiding if Reimer made some big saves" (Editor's Note: Oh fuck you.)

Dreger "some rumblings out of Calgary last week that Bernier could be that young guy Canada may take as the third goalie to the Olympics" (EN: Hahahaahaa)

Dreger "that is what some very powerful and knowledgeable hockey people think of Jonathan Bernier. We'll see what happens"

Just fucking lovely.

The New Leafs Mike from VLM is Most Excited About this Season

Yup, it's David Clarkson Dave Bolland? Uh ok.