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What You Talking about Kadri

Will you sign me?
Will you sign me?
Claus Andersen

Dave Nonis went on TSN Radio last nightand as always when a member of the Leafs management speaks in public, there were quite a few money quotes to be had:

We feel strongly that there is enough money to get both guys (Franson and Kadri) signed.

Leafs only have $4.985M in capspace with only a 21 man roster.

The offer we made Kadri is the same if we had a $64M cap or a $80M cap.

$4M under a $64M cap would be $5M under an $80M cap. Leafs are definitely low balling.

Missing training camp historically means a player doesn't have a very good season.

Subban just won the Norris without camp.

You shouldn't be asking me how close we are to signing Kadri or Franson. You should be asking them.

In other words, "I've given them their take it or leave it offer."

I think it's helpful to have an understanding what it's like to play here. You want players who embrace this market and challenge.

But even if they do, Nonis will still jettison them like Grabovski.

I think we have a team that has improved. However, there is still a lot of room for us to grow as well.

No way is the team going into this season better than the one going into last season; on paper at least.

Thanks to @Hope_Smoke for collecting all these quotes.

What do you make of these quotes and the interview?


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