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Sunday Leafs Links: Sunday Game Day?

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But the Leafs don't play on Sundays!

Ed Mulholland-US PRESSWIRE

Carlyle not on the hot seat, says Hot Stove

The CBC panel (specifically Elliotte Friedman) said last night that Carlyle's job is safe.

Saquille O'Neal wears Ponikarovsky jersey, drives zamboni

Is maybe going crazy.

Jaromir Jagr passes Mario Lemieux on all-time scoring list

What a career this guy has had.

Grigorenko apologizes for refusing demotion

The media would have a field day if a Leafs player had done this.

Just plain weird.

The All-Star Game in the KHL is... well, just watch the video.

Mike Keenan on coaching in the KHL

This one is also from Puck Daddy - they had a good writing day yesterday.

Vintage Leafs

They have a bunch of new/old photos up, so go browse around.