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When Will The Leafs Win In Regulation Or Overtime Again?

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The Leafs are struggling with winning within the first 65 minutes of hockey. Thankfully they've done enough in the skills competition to stay in the playoff conversation but how bad have they been compared to the league's basement dwellers?

"What is a regulation win?" "I don't know, I'm just a pretty face"
"What is a regulation win?" "I don't know, I'm just a pretty face"
Grant Halverson

The Toronto Maple Leafs have an almost inordinate number of problems and it's not only long-term statistically inclined members of the local media that are noticing it. Bruce Arthur's story doesn't even need to dwell on anything beyond the scoreboard to give the average fan an idea of just how awful the Leafs have been since the end of October. I would post an excerpt and direct you to the full story so that you'd click through but I just realized that I've run into Paul Godfrey's idiotic idea for dealing with the internet. How's that working out for you Paul? Still got his bonus though.

Anyway, what I would have linked was a rendering of the following information about team records since November 1st:

  1. Toronto Maple Leafs - 12-16-5, 72 point pace, 4 wins in regulation
  2. Buffalo Sabres - 11-14-4, 74 point pace, 4 wins in regulation
  3. Edmonton Oilers - 12-19-3, 65 point pace, 8 wins in regulation
  4. Calgary Flames - 10-19-4, 60 point pace, 3 wins in regulation
  5. Florida Panthers - 14-14-5, 82 point pace, 9 wins in regulation
  6. New York Islanders - 14-17-4, 75 point pace, 9 regulation wins

Looks like Brian Burke and Kevin Lowe have traded the idea of a barn fight for a scrap to the bottom of the barrel in order to settle their differences. The Leafs' season has been saved thus far by their incredible goaltending (coming back to earth), their hot early season shooting (coming back to earth), and the general awfulness of the Eastern Conference (oh look here come the Senators and the Blue Jackets and the Devils and the Hurricanes).

Of course, the Leafs are bound to win another game in regulation or maybe their first in overtime but what good would waiting for that to happen be without a chance to guess when it'll happen. So lay your bets for bragging rights and the acknowledgement by your peers that you are a good guesser.

When Will The Leafs Win Another Game In Overtime or Regulation?

Correct Guesses

  1. MF37 - Old Man Forbes said it would be the Leafiest thing to do so of course they did
  2. Bullets
  3. ChrisBulgin
  4. DAllingham91
  5. Anon
  6. acr
  7. jew
Those last three may be gag entries but they ended up being correct so who's laughing now?