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[Tuesday Leafs Links] Gearing Up For The Bruins

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The Leafs are in tough to keep the winning going tonight.


Can Peter Holland jump-start the Leafs' offence?

Well, that depends. Is he going to play 6 minutes a night? Also, the Leafs face the Bruins tonight, so... it's unlikely their offence is going to do much, anyway.

Dave Poulin says the Leafs are capable of elevating their play

From TSN

30 Thoughts

Always a good read, even if this one only has one point on the Leafs.

Which Leafs player has stood out for you? Who needs to step it up?

From Michael Langlois.

DGB's take on Paul Maurice's hiring

Link to his blog, but the piece is up at Grantland, too.

HITBS is annoyed

Pointing out problems with the current incarnation of the Leafs doesn't make him any less of a fan.

Connor Brown named OHL player of the week

Always a good thing to hear. Brown leads the OHL in scoring by a good margin, though it's true he's in his draft +2 year.

Dale Weise is garbage

Just look at the slew foot.

A rare form of hockey stick pass

Pretty sweet.

Leafs Notebook – January 13
Even the most optimistic Leafs fans weren't expecting David Clarkson to be great throughout the entirety of his seven year deal, but this is just getting crazy.

What We Learned: Brian Burke’s catastrophes across Canada
Burke's all about his legacy

The tricky thing about finding the 'be all, end all' stat
Measuring a player's value with a single number is a worthy pursuit, but it's a really tough thing to do in hockey. Here's one of the reasons why.

The Doghouse: How players get in, and finding a way out
Bourne seems to know quite a bit about how to get into the doghouse

Maple Leafs' October wasn't a fluke, and that's their problem
The latest NHL news, standings, trade rumors, scores, schedules and more on Sporting News.

Tank or not, it's about the quality of your GM and luck
It'd be interesting to see how this compares to the NHL

Leafs 3, New Jersey 2 - Shootout settles close game for the Leafs
Scoring chance data for the latest game

MacTchecking: Taylor Hall and Matchups
After reading this, the question becomes do these people lie on purpose or not know the reality of what they are saying?

Hat angles are important: A helpful guide
Colin Kaepernick wore a hat backwards, and helped highlight our nation's growing hat angle illiteracy. We're here to help fix that problem.

Score-Adjusted Fenwick and Remaining Strength of Schedule
Hmmm who is that with the 5th toughest schedule?

Duncan Keith and a True WOWY
This is definitely not something that the Leafs could spend money investigating. Nope, not at all.

The Panthers can spend to the cap now, but will it matter?
Will the Panthers be a feel good hockey story in the future?

Warren Buffet on Possession?
Not everyone gets simple concepts.

And now, a couple good tweets: