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[Thursday LL] Leafs Back to Their Winning Ways

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Links to start the day off right

John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Spo

I haven't gotten a chance to do last night's recap OR find links yet, but y'know what? I like you so much that I thought you - yes, you personally - should get a new Leafs Links section for today. Dump some links in the comments and I'll add a couple more up here when I get a chance.

Oh, and by the way: The Leafs just took four points against a Bruins-Sabres back-to-back and they're now back in a playoff position. How neat is that?

Did Matt Moulson’s goal really beat James Reimer?
Yes, it did

Puck Daddy Power Rankings: Mild concussions and Maple Leafs headaches
A different take on power rankings

Game Theory: How do opponents' strengths affect your team's performance?
Can NHL teams maintain some aspects of their play regardless of their opponent's strengths?

Editorial: R.B.I. Baseball is coming back, but it will always be the runner-up
R.B.I. Baseball is coming back, and it's bittersweet news. In this very important editorial, you will be convinced that Baseball Stars is vastly superior to R.B.I. Baseball.

Burn It Down

Despite initial high hopes for Craig MacTavish in the role as General Manager, the team's unrelenting habit of acquiring ineffective assets means its time to Burn this thing to the ground.

The Other Shoe Drops

Kings Trade Ben Scrivens to Oilers for a 3rd Round Draft Pick

Oilers Trade Devan Dubnyk for Matt Hendricks

The Edmonton Oilers found a way to get less than the nothing they would have gotten for Dubnyk by letting him walk away in July...Now they have Matt Hendricks.

Puck possesssion fancystats leading NHL teams to change their playing styles

An interesting look at how one fan's statistical work has NHL teams re-thinking their approach to playing dump-and-chase hockey

Oilers Repeat Mistakes Of Past

Needless to say, Dellow isn't quite a fan of this trade

The struggles of the Montreal Canadiens aren't going away without change

With a fundamental misunderstanding of what made his team successful, Marc Bergevin threw Michel Therrien a nasty curveball in the summer, and Therrien dropped his bat instead of swinging.

NHL Team History, Possession, and Winning the Stanley Cup

Benjamin Wendorf looks at his 2-Period Shot Percentage (or 2pS%) metric and how the league leaders and Cup winners fare historically.

Raptors' hot run cools Wiggins hopes

It's interesting that the Toronto Raptors' hot run of late comes at a time when critics of Andrew Wiggins's game at Kansas seem to be growing in volume.