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[Weekend LL] Leafs Return To Hockey Night In Canada

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Dave Sandford

The truth is, it's weird not having Leaf Hockey on Saturday night. After a week where we all forgot to make fun of Don Cherry, the Leafs will return to HNIC tonight against the Montreal Canadiens.


Kadri trade talk makes no sense for Leafs

No Place Like Home
Katie Baker spends some time with Ilya Kovalchuk over in Russia.

A Hard League
Dellow's looking at how long you could expect someone like Matt Hendricks to stay in the NHL.

Breaking Down Film - Fourth Fine Fiasco
The Canadiens surrendered a 3-0 lead to Ottawa before pulling out an overtime victory. Habs Eyes On The Prize breaks down what was the worst defensive breakdown of the night here.

Jersey Fouls: The John Tavares Islanders Fishsticks sweater | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports
Jersey fouls!

Matt Grzelcyk Out for the Rest of the Season
A tough season gets worse for the BU Terriers. Sounds like they're doing well recruiting this year, at least?