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Leafs Beat Habs 5-3 With Highlight Reel Plays

The skill players delivered and the Habs were sent home without any points at all.

'Sup, PK?

It was a game of assists for the Leafs. Kadri laid a beautiful pass to an in-the-rush Franson for the opener, Gallagher tied it up on the PP. Mayson Raymond had a pivot and a centering pass to give Phil Kessel a great shot, and Kadri would set Raymond up with an incredible slap-shot on the PP, which Mason would corral and fire away. Gionta and Desharnais would blow the Leafs' two goal lead, but Bozak put a perfect pass for JVR, who'd score the game winner. Lupul would get a penalty-on-a-breakaway goal, which I always find funny, and the Leafs would walk away with a 5-3 win. Here's your game in six:

But really, all you need is this:


Oh god it's so pretty.

This was a great win by the Leafs as a whole. I think there's something to be said for score effects when the Leafs are ahead by one and giving up a number of shots, but possession stayed close between the two teams throughout the game. In terms of "how," the Leafs' skill players were creative, the defense managed their gap control well, and the skill players were being creative.

On the individual level: My oh my, so many good moves from Kadri. He was dangerous offensively, he was physical, and he was trusted - Carlyle had Kadri on ice to play in the closing seconds of the late game. I think it was his best game of the season, without exception. I love seeing Gardiner and Rielly skate with the puck, especially when they get a chance to generate offense. I thought Franson had a very "Franson" game - I love that he jumped up into the rush on the Franson goal, but he had a ridiculous giveaway that led to a goal against, as well. For the Habs, Price had some great saves, including a great slide back to the post to shut the door on another attempt from Raymond.

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