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The Dream Team

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Jamie Sabau

ESPN's Scott Burnside wrote about how team USA was built. There's some real gold from Calgary's President of Hockey Operations, Brian Burke:

Brian Burke says he'd had a dream the U.S. team lost a medal game because of a mistake made by 19-year-old rookie defenseman Seth Jones.

You can't take Bobby Ryan because...

"He is not intense. That word is not in his vocabulary," Burke says. "It's never going to be in his vocabulary. He can't spell intense."

And my own personal favorite, from Holmgren:

Holmgren suggests that if Yandle makes the team, ostensibly because of his power-play expertise, then they should balance one of the final spots with a player with more defensive upside, like Erik Johnson or Jack Johnson.

If you want to see the full Team USA Olympic roster, it's here. Any good reads over the past few days? Throw some links in the comments!